The Truck Adventures Experience: See a truck, touch a truck, and play with a truck!

Truck Adventures for Kids is a unique fun-filled event meant to bring families and children together in the community in which they live. With over 100+ trucks and vehicles, Children of all ages will be able to get up close and personal and get to touch a truck they see every day on the road. Fire trucks, police cars, construction vehicles and many other vehicles will be on display for children to see, explore, sit in the driver’s seat and talk to the individuals who drive these vehicles each and every day. Truck Adventures is loads of hands-on family fun!

We have had some amazing participants and sponsors from previous years. Our event has been an eclectic mix of all things on wheels: Local City Police & Fire departments, Movie Vehicles, U.S. Military vehicles, recycling trucks, race cars, water trucks, street sweepers, Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT), Armored Trucks, Waste Management trash collectors, off-road vehicles, lowriders, constructions rigs, moving trucks, delivery trucks, dragsters, sports cars, motorcycles and ATVs, golf carts, RVs and trailers, busses, classic cars, private hotrods, etc. Children will be exposed to a huge variety of vehicles where they can touch a truck, a race car, a crane, a firetruck and many more. There will be many other activities and food as well.

At Truck Adventures, we encourage kids to interact, explore and be the drivers of the extraordinary vehicles we’ve gathered. We want to enable your child’s imaginations to soar and feed their natural curiosity. We believe when kids interact and touch a truck, sit in the seat, play with the steering wheel, it reinforces their understanding of the world of vehicles and the machines sharing the road with them. Our event will allow them to connect with the larger than life machines that help our society operate and keep things moving. We know you and your kids will have a great time interacting with the vehicles, characters, activities and people at Truck Adventures.

Another great aspect of coming to and experiencing Truck Adventures is that by attending you are helping those less fortunate than yourself. We have been partners with the Make-A-Wish® Foundation for the past five years and have helped make many wishes come true for many brave children. And we want to help grant more wishes to more amazing kids! Truck Adventures is an amazing event because it brings joy to so many people that are in attendance as well as to many that are not. So, when you come to our event and let your child touch a truck and play in it, on it or around it, you are bringing happiness to more than your own child and we are very grateful!

Truck Adventures is also a wonderful family event because we have great partners and volunteers that truly care about the community in which we live and serve. They donate their time, equipment and knowledge to help us create an amazing event. Many of our partners and volunteers return year after year because they enjoy the experience Truck Adventures offers everyone, including them! Children and families get to meet and interact with governmental, private and business people and their vehicles of the local and national community. Your child will get to see trucks, touch a truck, hear trucks, smell trucks, but please don’t to let them taste a truck! We hope you and your family will join us at the next Truck Adventures in your area because we know that you will have a fantastic experience that your kids will not forget!

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