Bring A Vehicle

Kids are infatuated with all the different kinds of vehicles they see on the road, in books, and on the screen. They wish they could get close to check them out. Truck Adventures fulfills that curiosity and desire in a safe, fun, family environment. We have vehicles on display for children to see, explore, sit in the driver’s seat, and talk to the individuals who drive these vehicles each and every day.

We have many different types of vehicles: Fire trucks, police cars, construction vehicles, big rigs, off-road vehicles, sports cars, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, RVs, busses, and many more. But these vehicles don’t grow on trees, so we need you and your vehicle(s) to make this event great!

We welcome public, business-related, and private vehicles of owners that are proud and happy to share their vehicles with our future generation of drivers. We support the vehicle owner’s discretion whether they allow attendees into/onto the vehicle(s) that they bring.

To register your vehicle, please fill out the form below. In the message body, please put “Bringing a Vehicle” in the first line and then include:

  • How many vehicles you will bring
  • What type of vehicle(s)
  • The vehicle’s approximate length and width
  • If part of a car club, please include the club name

We will reach back out to you shortly to confirm and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to having you and your cool vehicle at the event!

Code of Conduct

Truck Adventures raises funds to benefit Make-A-Wish® and is a unique fun filled event meant to bring families and children together in the community in which they live. We rely on great partners and the goodwill of people like you to donate their valuable time and equipment to make this event amazing and memorable for the kids that attend and for those receiving Wishes. Though we do not pay for anyone to bring their vehicles, we do have expectations for commitment and behavior to be aware of and agree to in advance – by you and any representatives who will be attending the event with you or on your behalf.

You must agree to the following; otherwise, we are sorry, but we cannot enjoy your cool vehicle.

No Smoking or alcohol. No pets, it’s too loud for them.

Arrive on time, leave after the event closes after we give the clearance to leave – no exceptions. If you think you have to leave early, please do not submit your info to participate. We cannot accept late arrivals to the event due to safety protocols.

We advise you to bring a buddy. Many vehicle owners come by themselves and don’t want to leave the vehicles unattended. A buddy helps with many things and makes it more fun for you.

We want you to have fun! Over 90% of the people that bring vehicles to the event tell us they have a great time sharing, interacting and giving back to the community. The other % tend to have had different expectations counter to the aforementioned code of conduct above. As a result, we want to be upfront so everyone involved can have a great experience.

Thank you for your valuable time and vehicle. We really appreciate everyone’s efforts in continuing to make Truck Adventures a worthwhile event making wishes come true for so many children.