Liability Waiver


By purchasing a ticket, you, for yourself, your successors, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators, spouse, and next of kin, hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless American Helping Hands LLC (“AHH”), Make A Wish Foundation (“MAW”), landlord and/or lessor [see below], their directors, officers, agents, servants, and employees, all companies and organizations supplied trucks, all sponsors, all vendors, and any of their officers, agents, and employees from any liability, claim or action for damages resulting from or in any way arising out of the participation in the event by the person registered and their minor children or those who they are guardians for and the other members in their group. You understand there are risks and dangers involved in this activity and assume all risk of injury to me, my children, and other members in my group in connection with this activity. You give my permission for AAH and MAW and its sponsors to use photographs or video taken at the event to be used in any form.

For May 12, 2018, event, Make A Wish Foundation
Greater Los Angeles and Santa Anita Land Holdings LLC, TSG Developments Investments, TSG Development Land Holdings, Inc (landlord and/or lessor).

For June 16, 2018, event, Make A Wish Foundation
of Orange County & Inland Empire and State of California, the District Agricultural Association, County Fair, the County in which the County Fair is located, Lessor/Sublessor if fair site is leased/subleased, Citrus Fruit Fair, California Exposition and State Fair, or Entities (public or non-profit) operating California designated agricultural fairs (landlord and/or lesssor).